Abyssinian Cat

the ultimate companion...

Abyssinians are one of the oldest breeds of short haired cats. They are usually shades of reddish brown with darker bands of colour on every hair. This makes them look luxurious with sleek, shiny coats, well muscled bodies and long legs.

These are the ultimate companion cats. They love people and want to be wherever you are. Some like the sound of their own voices and might try to communicate with you vocally, but generally they are quiet. They form very strong attachments to their families and will pine if left alone. They suffer terribly without human company.

They also like the freedom that many dogs have, to run around outside and have lots of space. Abyssinians are climbers, so if you have a garden with lots of trees they will be happy although it is important they are kept indoors at night. Because they are not very social with other cats, they could get into cat fights if allowed out at night. They are also ferocious hunters, so birdlife will be threatened if they are allowed to roam too much. Put a bell on their collar to give birds a fighting chance.

They have limited tolerance of other cats. Interestingly, Abyssinians love dogs, so this is the ideal cat to house with a dog. They will sleep and play with dogs like best friends. They are not really lap cats and like to be played with as much as they like to be patted. They are wary of small children and strangers and are better suited to a mature household.

Their grooming needs are few. Abyssinians are low shedders, so an occasional brush and rub down with a moist cloth is all they need. When they are moulting, the dead hair can be removed easily with a soft rubber mitt.

Abyssinians are a generally healthy breed which will live well into their teens. They are prone to the kidney disorder 'Renal Amyloidosis', so ensure that you buy your kitten from a reputable breeder. Gum infections can be avoided by including some dry food in the diet, along with things like raw chicken wings which will remove plaque and build up from around the teeth.

<ul> <li>Medium - sized short haired cat</li> <li>Very people orientated</li> <li>Loves dogs</li> <li>Not good with young children / other cats</li> <li>Very playful</li> </ul>