Airedale Terrier

A great guard dog...

The Airedale Terrier is the largest of the Terriers. It can be an intelligent hunting dog, watchdog or guard dog which is equally at home with a loving family. In fact, this highly intelligent dog is naturally protective of its family and will respond quickly to any perceived danger. This makes it ideal in any situation where protection is a consideration. Airedales are excellent guard dogs for the elderly living alone. Families with children and people living in remote regions will all feel safer for having an Airedale as a companion and companionship is the key as Airedales crave close human contact.

The Airedale's protectiveness extends to other family pets and the Airedale puppy will happily bond with family cats, rabbits or other dogs. However, their accepting nature does not extend beyond their home. Expect that they will be not the friendliest to unknown dogs and training is necessary to promote social behaviour. Their natural desire to be dominant needs tempering.

Airedales, because of their medium / /large size and athletic, boisterous nature, need daily exercise. If they become bored they can easily become destructive. Airedale puppies take at least 2 years to mature and during puppy- hood are renowned chewers and diggers. Left unchecked, they will pull washing from the line, chew up garden equipment such as hoses and make your lawn look like a minefield. Keep them busy and give them lots of attention. They love swimming, so a trip to the beach will be met with enthusiasm. Airedales like a quick daily brush with a hard bristle or metal wide toothed comb. They coat will shed twice a year and at these times a professional clipping is highly recommended. The Airedale rarely sheds any hair at other times. If the coat is well maintained, the Airedale will have fewer occurrences of skin irritations which are common in all Terrier breeds. You will need to check this dog regularly for any skin problems or injuries. Airedales are unlikely to let you know when they are in pain or discomfort.

These generally healthy dogs are unlikely to run up many vet bills if you spend time on their grooming and will live comfortably for 12 years or longer.

<ul> <li>Medium/large dog.</li> <li>Very energetic - need daily exercise.</li> <li>Need regular, sustained human companionship.</li> <li>Good guard dogs.</li> </ul>