Australian Kelpie

Australia's Red Dog...

If you have seen “Red Dog” you will already be in love with the Australian Kelpie. This is a truly Australian Dog, developed in Australia for herding sheep and cattle. Its ancestry is unclear, but there is some evidence it has Dingo in its bloodlines. Many Kelpies are working dogs and have been exported all over the world to herd. They are medium / large dogs with a light frame and can live up to 16 years.

As family pets, their needs for exercise are large. They are perfect jogging companions and must have lengthy walks / runs every day. Their boundless energy makes them most suited to large properties in rural / semi rural areas.

Kelpies are the ultimate companions - they are highly intelligent, are oozing with personality and love to be kept busy all day. They will happily accompany their owners to worksites, so would also make great companions for bricklayers etc. Teach them to do “work” for you, such as fetch your bag, and they will feel useful. Kelpies are very fast learners and will respond to signals, even given from great distances.

Apart from the need to be kept busy, Kelpies are relatively low maintenance dogs. They eat almost anything and although they have a thick double coat that sheds profusely, they only need a once a week brush and a monthly bath. You will probably want to house your Kelpie outside so shedding won't really be an issue. Kelpies are robust and not prone to diseases.

Kelpies also make great guard / watch dogs because they will bark at anything unusual or potentially dangerous. They respond well to children but must be taught early to overcome a natural urge to “nip”.

Other considerations before purchasing a Kelpie must be a secure, fully fenced yard (they are very agile jumpers), and how they will fit with existing household pets because of their natural herding instincts. They will herd other animals whether they want to be herded or not!

<!--html--> <ul> <li>Medium dog.</li> <li>Very alert and intelligent</li> <li>Low maintenance</li> <li>Needs a lot of daily exercise.</li> <li>Best suited to large properties / rural areas.</li> </ul>