Australian Mist Cat

...the lover of all things people!

Australian Mist Cats, also known as 'Spotties', are truly Australian. They were bred form a mix of Burmese, Abyssinian and local moggies, so they have some of the best features of all their genetic background. Like Burmese, they are supremely affectionate but with more outgoingness like Abyssinians and with a bit of the rough and ready nature of Moggies.

These short - haired cats are easily recognisable by their spots. They have large, dark coloured splotches all over their back, somewhat like a leopard. They have large ears and large green eyes.

Spotties are people cats. They love everyone; they are tolerant of very young children and rarely scratch. They are totally indiscriminate about whose lap they'll sit on. Not that they aren't devoted to their family, but rather, that they welcome visitors and like to share their love around. They also enjoy playtime and a range of toys but will settle down quietly if you want playtime to end.

These cats like to be outdoors part of the daytime but are happy to be indoors at night. They get on well with other cats and even dogs and can be trained to walk on lead! Remember that all family cats should de sexed - this improves their temperament and decreases their urge to wander.

Spotties need no grooming, but will enjoy you brushing them just for the attention. These are low - maintenance cats which have no particular health issues and enjoy longevity. They can be prone to obesity, so you will need to monitor their diet.

<ul> <li>Short haired, 'spotty' cat</li> <li>Very affectionate</li> <li>Good with children, cats and dogs</li> <li>Low maintenance</li> <li>Sometimes needs controlled kilojoule diet</li> </ul>