the perfect family dog...

Boxers were developed in Germany. They are extremely popular medium sized, short haired dogs with energetic, playful personalities. They are renowned for their extreme devotion to their family and natural distrust of strangers. They are clean, quite intelligent and very good with children. If provoked, boxers will quickly become fierce guardians of their family or home. For this reason, early socialisation is important so that they learn not to 'overstep the mark'.

Boxers need quite a lot of exercise - at least a good walk daily - to keep their muscular physique in top shape. Exercise also prevents the destructive behaviours that come with boredom. Because they need plentiful physical activity, it is wise to feed them twice a day to replenish their energy stores.

Unlike many other breeds, Boxers are not greedy but they can have easily upset digestive systems, so a dry food diet in often best, with minimal treats. This will also reduce their tendency to fart.

Boxers are not really outside dogs. They love to be inside with the family and like a lot of physical contact - pats, hugs and rubs. Although Boxers do shed quite a lot, a once or twice a week brush is sufficient and consider restricting them to certain parts of the house to minimise your cleaning.

The only real down side to Boxers is that they do not have a very long life span - usually just 7 - 10 years. Although generally healthy, they are prone to cancers and heart problems so regular vet checks are advised. Make sure you check on the health of your Boxer's parents and grandparents before purchasing a Boxer puppy.

<ul> <li>Medium sized, short haired.</li> <li>Great with children.</li> <li>Very loyal companion.</li> <li>Needs daily exercise</li> <li>Short life span.</li> </ul>