...the lover of all...even dogs!

Burmese originate from Burma and Thailand and are now popular worldwide. They are extremely strong, heavy and powerful short haired cats which look exotic and mysterious.

These are ideal family cats. They are very sociable, love children, other cats and even dogs! In fact, they often behave like dogs. Burmese retain their kitten playfulness throughout their lives. They love toys and can be taught to play 'fetch' just like a dog.

Burmese build very close relationships with their owners and demand a lot of attention; they are very vocal cats which will often 'talk' to you. They do not like being left alone so if you do need to leave them regularly for work it makes sense to have more than one cat so they keep each other company. When you are home, they will be challenging you to ignore them, because they expect to be the centre of attention

Burmese are escape artists. They can learn to open doors and windows that slide or push open. They are naturally curious and will often jump into strangers cars. It is preferable to keep these cats totally indoors. They like the comfort of being indoors and this will reduce their opportunities to 'disappear', although do expect them to hide from you in the house as a game.

Because Burmese are very active cats they do require a larger than normal amount of food. It is a good idea to leave out dry food that they can access at will in addition to their normal meals. Dry food has the benefit of helping to prevent plaque build up on their teeth. You don't have to worry about over feeding them, because Burmese will walk away when they are satisfied.

You can groom Burmese, just for the joy of it, but they are very self -sufficient, clean cats which don't really need extra grooming. Keep your Burmese deflead, dewormed and vaccinated and these healthy cats will live well into their teens.

<ul> <li>Heavy, short haired cat</li> <li>Very family orientated</li> <li>Loves children, cats and dogs</li> <li>Very vocal</li> <li>Can learn tricks like a dog</li> <li>Very active</li> </ul>