Chow Chow

the little emperor...

Chow Chows are small / medium dogs, probably originating in China at least 2000 years ago. They have medium length, very dense hair which sticks out around their faces making them look like lions. They have a blue black tongue instead of a pink one. They were originally guard dogs, but were also killed for their meat and fur!

This is not the breed for timid or first time dog owners. Chows are notoriously hard to obedience train and are not fussed if they please you or not. Considerable effort is needed to get these stubborn dogs anywhere close to compliant. They need firm, persistent owners who will spend the time needed. Fortunately, they are incredibly clean dogs and easy to housetrain.

Socialisation is paramount. These dogs are quite aggressive - food aggressive, territorial, aggressively protective of their owners and plain bad tempered sometimes. They struggle with same sex dogs and can be very unfriendly towards them. Because of their territorial nature, they are natural watch dogs and guard dogs. They only bark if they think there's a reason to and will give any intruder a very nasty 'welcome'. When raised with children they will be loving towards them provided the children are not rough or annoying or they will soon be snarled at. In addition they have poor peripheral vision, so if they are startled by an approach from behind they can swing instantly into attack mode.

Chows need only a small amount of exercise. A short walk each day will suffice and these dogs are subject to heat stress, so be careful! You will need to ensure that they are always walked on lead, as they have no road sense and will chase and attack most animals.

At home they are generally quiet and very well behaved. They do not dig, are not destructive and like to sit peacefully. During this quiet, inside time, you will need to groom your Chow daily - lots of brushing for this constant shedder if you want to minimise what lands on your floor.

<ul> <li> Small / medium dog.</li> <li>Medium length / dense hair.</li> <li>Aggressive by nature - excellent guard dog.</li> <li>Minimal exercise needed.</li> <li>Hard to obedience train.</li> <li>Daily grooming - heavy shedder.</li> </ul>