German Short Haired Pointer

will serve and protect your family...

German Short haired Pointers are largish, intelligent dogs with strong, streamlined bodies designed for retrieving even quite large game. They are very clean and although they do shed, their short coats only need an occasional brush to keep them looking good. More attention needs to be paid to their floppy ears, which do need regular checking and cleaning.

Active families will love these dogs. They are intelligent, very easy to train, love children and love human company. They are also friendly with other household dogs but not so good with cats and other small animals. Remember, these are hunting dos, and although they can learn to distinguish between the family cat and prey, your cat may not appreciate being hunted down during the learning process. If you have cats, rabbits or guinea pigs this might not be your best choice of dog!

Exercise is the key to keeping German Short Haired Pointers happy. They need vigorous exercise at least twice a day with some running essential. They also need a big back yard or rural property that is very well fenced. If you don't put the time in to exercising these dogs, they will take it upon themselves to create their own exercise routine. They are masterful at jumping high fences and will seize any opportunity to take themselves for a run if they feel you are short changing them. This is definitely not what you want, and if you allow your German Short haired Pointer to roam you might be presented with gifts of neighbours' cats and rabbits landing on your doorstep. Don't take on this dog unless you understand and can meet their exercise needs.

Their love of children is notable. They are great watchdogs and guard dogs and will be very protective of your family without being aggressive. Remember they must be taught not to jump up because their size could easily send a youngster flying.

Finally they love cuddles, so at the end of the day when you have thoroughly exhausted them, they'll want to be treated like lap dogs. They hate sleeping outside so a bed in the house, as close to you as possible, is their idea of doggy heaven.

<ul> <li> Large, muscular dog.</li> <li>Bred for hunting.</li> <li>Needs daily, vigorous exercise.</li> <li>Good with children.</li> <li>Can struggle with other pets.</li> <li>Good watch / guard dogs.</li> </ul>