Golden Retriever

a beautiful dog in ever way...

Golden retrievers are just that - dogs bred to retrieve things - namely game and waterbirds. They are large dogs that are intelligent, friendly, easy to train and ideal not only as pets but as guide dogs, therapy pets and, of course, gun dogs. They have Labrador Retriever in their ancestry and look somewhat like a longer haired Labrador.

Golden Retrievers love children and relish being part of the family, joining in all activities inside and outside. They need daily walks for exercise, but they love water, so consider taking them to a beach, lake or river for a swim if you live close enough.

These dogs are easily trained and do very well in obedience sessions. Considered the fourth most intelligent breed, Golden Retrievers will house train very quickly and learn a raft of commands such as sit, stay, and fetch at a very young age. They love to fetch things and carry them around in their mouths. They have a toy fetish and may spend half the day with their favourite soft toy clamped firmly in their teeth.

If you select the right puppy, these are low maintenance dogs. Before you buy a puppy, ensure that the parents have been screened for hip dysplasia and eye problems.

As heavy shedders, you will need to brush them daily, but no amount of brushing will prevent dog hairs throughout the house, so it is a good idea to train them to only enter certain rooms. This will minimise your cleaning.

The only other thing you will need to worry about is controlling their diet. These dogs are gluttons and will quickly become fat if you are not strict with their diet. Avoid titbits and treats and they will live a happy life for at least 11 years.

<ul> <li>Large, heavy dog</li> <li>Very intelligent / easily trained</li> <li>Loves children</li> <li>Needs daily exercise</li> <li>Prone to hip dysplasia and eye problems</li> <li>Prone to obesity</li> </ul>