Persian Longhair

...the preening never ends!

Persian cats are beautiful, long haired cats. They have large heads with lots of fur framing their face, shortish legs and robust bodies. They are very gentle, placid cats which like the quiet life. They are very affectionate with their owners and enjoy being petted and patted but do not respond well to poking and prodding by small children.

Persians are often considered to be vain as they spend considerable time preening themselves. They like to be pristine clean and will spend hours making themselves look their best. They need human assistance with their grooming. They are heavy shedders, so brushing will help remove their dead fur. Their long hair tangles and becomes matted easily, so daily brushing is essential. They are also prone to getting faeces caught on the underside of their lush tail so this area needs regular inspection and cleaning. They may get 'stain' marks around their eyes and nose which can be gently wiped away with a moist cloth.

These cats are best kept indoors. Not only are they low activity but their long coats need more grooming if they are allowed to wander outside. Prickles and grass seeds will cause lots of grooming problems.

Because they are docile creatures, their food requirements aren't great. They can be very prone to obesity so you need to watch their diet carefully and low energy dry food should be considered as part of their diet.

Persians are happy to be the sole animal in the house. They are happy with their own company and will lay about the house, grooming themselves and waiting for their next pat from you. Don't get a Persian if you have noisy children or other boisterous animals.

Health wise, Persians can suffer breathing problems especially if their face is very short muzzled. They also have a tendency to get polycystic kidney disease and may often need veterinary care for cystitis. A well cared for Persian will live about 10 - 12 years.

<ul> <li>Long haired indoor cat</li> <li>Lots of grooming required</li> <li>Very placid and affectionate</li> <li>Not suited to noisy children / households</li> <li>Some common health issues</li> </ul>