Poodles Standard

a great family pet...

Poodles come in three sizes - Standard, Toy and Miniature. Standard Poodles are the largest and the oldest of the three. They are medium / large dogs bred to hunt and as water retrieving dogs, although not as much of the hunting instinct is left in them today.

Poodles look like nobility. They don't walk, they prance, with their thin face and long neck held high in regal arrogance. They are popular dog show dogs and can be clipped to look like cheer leaders carrying pom poms. They can be made to look like air headed princesses, but these are, in fact, one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

Poodles' curly long hair is more like wool and it does not shed making it a good choice for people with allergies. They also have little doggy odour which is ideal for a house dog. As house pets, they require a brush every few days to prevent matting in their dense coat and clipping every six to eight weeks to stop them looking like sheep! Of course, if you want to show your poodle, expect to spend many hours on grooming and clipping.

These highly energetic animals are renowned for learning tricks easily. They have been used as circus performers for centuries and enjoy learning tricks that require both physical and mental agility. Of course, this means they are also easily bored and will get into a lot of mischief if you don't keep them busy. These dogs expect to be equals in the family, want to go everywhere with you and do everything you are doing, including swimming. Poodles love to swim.

Far from being the prissy dogs they can be made to look like, Standard Poodles are very athletic and will enjoy long runs over rugged terrain. They will need at least a walk every day and some play time. They love toys and 'fetch' games are easily taught. They also love playing with children. The will be best mates with family pets, too, even a guinea pig.

As watch dogs they are superb - they will bark at any unusual noise and they will attempt to be guard dogs if they think their family is threatened.

This breed is prone to some health problem, specifically eye problems such as cataracts. They also have a tendency towards epilepsy. Check the parents' health history before buying a puppy.

<ul> <li> Medium / large woolly haired dog.</li> <li>Low shedder - hypoallergenic.</li> <li>Very intelligent - learns tricks easily.</li> <li>Loves children / good with other pets.</li> <li>Some health problems common in breed.</li> </ul>