when trained this is a great family pet...

Weimaraners are medium / large, tall dogs which were born to hunt small and large game. They have endless energy and are only really suited to energetic owners. They need more exercise than most breeds of dog and need a lengthy run everyday without fail. They are ideal dogs to enter dog sports and agility trials and are capable of learning endless tricks and manoeuvres.

This doesn't mean they are easy to train. On the contrary, they are quite stubborn and need firm, consistent owners who will devote considerable time to obedience training or they will not be pleasant to have around. They first command the need to master is 'sit' because their exuberance often means they will knock unsuspecting people over and flatten small children. Many Weimaraners are surrendered because they required too much effort.

Once trained, these dogs are amazing. They display the highest level of devotion to their families and love children. They are often 'super glued' to their owners, leaning against them, resting their heads on their laps. If you lay down, Weimaraners will want to lie next to you and don't even think about inviting them on to your bed unless you plan on having them sleep with you every night!

A well trained Weimaraner will never leave its master's side. This is both endearing and necessary because the prey drive in these dogs is enormous and unless you have total control of them, they will chase and kill smaller animals, including small dogs. For this reason it is best to always run them on lead and consider them to be your only pet - they will not do well with other dogs, cats, birds etc in the house.

Because of their devotion to their owners, Weimaraners suffer separation anxiety and can be very destructive if they don't feel 'loved' enough. Your house could be dismantled in minutes if they feel the need to make a point to you. Make sure you have good quality toys for them to play with when you are not home, and when you are home, you must make them a focus of much of your attention.

Weimaraners will protect you and your family. They are excellent watchdogs and guard dogs and will certainly let intruders know they are not welcome. They will be aloof with strangers and position themselves even nearer to you if they can to make it clear where their loyalty lies.

Grooming is easy - a brush every few days will keep their coat shiny and minimise how much they shed in the house. Feeding is also easy. These dogs are not big eaters but do need quality food because of their high energy expenditure. Also, because they are very prone to bloat and gastric distortion (a potentially fatal condition), it is vital that Weimaraners are fed two smaller meals a day rather than one large one. Don't exercise them anywhere near or after feed time. This breed is not noted for any other common ailments, so with lots of love and care, they should happily live for 12 - 14 years.

<ul> <li> Medium / large, tall dogs.</li> <li>Very athletic - vigorous daily exercise required.</li> <li>Obedience training essential - can be difficult.</li> <li>High prey drive - not recommended with other animals.</li> <li>Very devoted to family - love children</li> <li>Great guard / watch dog</li> </ul>