Domestic Cats

Who doesn't love a cat?!

Who doesn't love a cat? Cats are the most popular animals in the world. Domestic cats have been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians adored them but there is a wealth of information that dates them back to around 8000BC. In that time they have evolved very little meaning they can easily survive in the wild today if they have to. They are keen hunters and do a great job of keeping the mice population down in homes and farms.

Cats are ideal as household pets because they are small, naturally social and very easy to train so it is easy to understand how they became domesticated by early man. They are happy just to laze around the house and don't require the walks and grooming needed by most dogs.

Cats want to communicate and have a range of vocalisations ranging from purring to meowing to hissing. They are friendly and like nothing better than to have a good 'chat' with their owners. They also love to play, making them great pets for small children. They can generally take quite a bit of child's play before the claws come out, which is the signal to back off! Fortunately, when cats don't want to play anymore they will usually just run and hide.

Then there's the cuddles! Most cats love to snuggle up close to their owners and will share your bed if you let them, possibly edging you off the pillow! They purr in happiness when stroked and this is such a buzz of joy. Nothing sounds better than a cat purring!

Best of all, cats are impeccably clean, spending 30% of their time grooming themselves. They also bury their poo which means no messy cleaning up. They housetrain very easily and are too proud for 'accidents'.

Who wouldn't love to own a cat?